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  Below find all our policies regarding this website and its usage thereof. It is the responsibilty of all visitors or members to read these policies. These policies can change without notice.
Officerdown.com will never release any information about any user that has submitted any personal information; to any other entity, other than legal and lawful processes(ie. court order). We do not participate in any other websites, databases or other land/web based entities.

We regard your name, email and/or other info you submit here as strictly private and it shall not be divulged without your knowledge. We do not support any unsolicited email programs or companies and will never release your email address to any other entity without your knowledge. Your participation here and submission of any information authorizes OfficerDown.com to use it for reasons regarding this website only and no other.

Officerdown.com reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time, for any reason and without notice. Should any policy changes occur regarding the use of any personal information submitted, we will post those changes here and it is incumbent upon you to check here with some regularity to become aware of said changes.
Officerdown.com will make every attempt to insure the factuality and accuracy of all information contained in this website. However, we cannot be responsible for information that may be partly or wholey inaccurate or incorrect. OfficerDown.com promises to diligently pursue the truth in any matters contained in these webpages and provide you an honest accounting of incidents, persons or places.

Online Memorials
It is our fervent belief that each and every Police/Fire Dept. in this country should have an online presence and dedicated webpages to their own fallen Heroes! Even if a particular agency has never lost a Hero, they should, at minimum, have a webpage acknowledging all fallen Heroes, reminding their visiting public the constant threats that each and every LEO/Firefighter lives with daily.

We further believe each agency should prominently display a link to their memorial page(s) from their website's top or home page so that public access is easy and encouraged. The content of such pages should strive to provide as much information about the fallen hero and the event involved, along with available pictures of the hero.

As evidenced by some current agency websites, we believe the agency has a duty and obligation to memorialize their own fallen heroes in their own webpages and not simply provide links to other websites, even such as this website, to achieve this goal. We deem the action of only providing a link to other websites to be a disgrace to the names and memories of their own Heroes.

Towards all the aforementioned, it is our ongoing policy to urge non-compliant agency websites to achieve this level of honor, as our Fallen Heroes deserve nothing less!


Conlin Jr./1943

Bishop Jr./2010




Sanders Sr./1947

Fallen Project
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